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identifying provenance evidence

Identification of book stamp
Can anyone identify this stamp on the title-page of a XVIth-century Italian book?
2016-08-05 (last changed: 2017-10-18 ) by Federica.Fabbri
Book stamp on the title-page
Bibliographic Details:
Erasmus Roterodamus. Adagia quæcvmqve ad hanc diem exiervnt, Pavlli Manvtii stvdio, atqve industria, (…), ab omnibus mendis vindicata, quae pium, et veritatis Catholicae studiosum lectorem ǀ poterant offendere: (…). Firenze : Giunti, 1575 (EDIT16 CNCE 18245)
Holding Institution:
Bagnacavallo. Biblioteca comunale 'Giuseppe Taroni'
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