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identifying provenance evidence

Eduard Schultze
Eduard Schultze
Whose stamp is this?
2016-12-10 (last changed: 2016-12-12 ) by John Lancaster
Small stamp (about 9 mm square), found in five Harvard incunabula having no other known provenance in common. The others are: Crescentiis, Petrus de: Ruralia commoda. Speyer: Peter Drach, ca. 1490/95 (Arnold Arboretum) -- Hieronymus, Saint: Commentaria in Bibliam. Venice: Johannes and Gregorius de Gregoriis, 1497-25 August 1498. (Houghton) -- Imitatio Christi. Brescia: Angelus and Jacobus Britannicus, 6 June 1485. (Houghton) -- Vergilius Maro, Publius: Bucolica. Paris: André Bocard, ca. 1497. (Houghton)
Bibliographic Details:
Aesopus. Vita et fabulae. Augsburg: Anton Sorg, ca. 1480.
Holding Institution:
Houghton Library, Harvard University.
Identified as:
Eduard Schultze
Identified by: Creussner
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