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identifying provenance evidence

William Nelson - English jurist?
Is this the signature of the English jurist (b. 1653)? Are the numbers following the price? At lower right, is the date 3 August 1713?
2017-03-06 (last changed: 2017-03-06 ) by John Lancaster
Inscription(s) at the top of the first (blank) leaf - the ones below and to the right are faded or washed. "Liber Guilielmj Nelsonj" is clear; I believe the numbers following are "1[pound] v[shillings] vj[pence]". I can't make out much meaningful of the faded/washed portions - the first part seems to be "Liber guilelmi" but not followed by Nelson (perhaps an earlier English owner?); as to the date, if this is the English jurist's copy, "13" would likely be "[17]13".
Bibliographic Details:
Vergil. Opera. Nuremberg: Anton Koberger, 1492.
Holding Institution:
Houghton Library Harvard University
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