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identifying provenance evidence

Marcantonio Morosini (d. 1509)
Identification of a coat of arms, possibly Italian
Whose coat of arms is this?
2017-03-07 (last changed: 2017-03-14 ) by Helmut Rohlfing
The first 10 folios of the book are missing. On f. 11a ms. entry: „Nicolaj cum Philippi Ventij [?]: fr[atr]um: et amicorum Mercurialium”; the coat of arms is on the lower edge of the page and next to it the stamp of the library.– 2. The book was acquired from the London book dealer Th. Osborne, Kat. 1754 (T. 2).
Bibliographic Details:
Dante Alighieri: La Commedia. Mit Komm. von Christophorus Landinus. Mit einer Einleitung des Verfassers und Beig. von Marsilius Ficinus. Venedig: Octavianus Scotus, 23.III.1484. 2° (Sig.: 4 P ITAL I, 1419 INC; GW 7967. HC 5947. Pr 4581. ISTC id00030000.)
Holding Institution:
SUB Göttingen
Identified as:
Marcantonio Morosini (d. 1509) (Cerl Thesaurus Id: cnp00524337)
Identified by: Creussner
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