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identifying provenance evidence

Charles Barlow
Armorial book-plate, probably 17th c., in an incunable
Who has seen this book-plate and can identify its owner?
2017-03-08 (last changed: 2017-03-18 ) by Helmut Rohlfing
The incunable was printed in Milan by Christoph Valdarfer on 13 Nov,1476. In 1503 it was in the possession of Daniel Karner in Ingolstadt, before it landed in the Jesuit college of Konstanz in the 17th century. Goettingen University Library acquired it in 1781/82 from the collection of Friedrich Wilhelm von Duve.
Bibliographic Details:
Philelphus, Franciscus: Satirae. Mit Distichen von Calliphilus Bernardinus Robiatinus.
Mailand: Christoph Valdarfer, 13.XI.1476.
H 12917. Pr 5881. ISTC ip00615000. Ce³ P-615.
4° Poet. Lat. rec. I,1380 Inc.
Holding Institution:
SUB Goettingen
Identified as:
Charles Barlow
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