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identifying provenance evidence

Coat of arms in a 1485 Herbal
Can anyone identify this coat of arms?
2017-08-09 (last changed: 2017-08-09 ) by Mayumi Ikeda
The coat of arms is painted on the blank shield depicted in the woodcut frontispiece of the <i>Gart der Gesundheit</i>, printed by Peter Schöffer of Mainz in 1485 (image credit: The British Library). It appears that the shield was first painted entirely in red, sectioned with black lines, and then three of its compartments were dabbed with yellow/beige paint. The alphabet E above the shield (by a 15C hand?) is perhaps the initial of the owner of these arms. A note in German (probably a recipe) on fol. 342r in what looks like a late 15C hand.
Bibliographic Details:
ISTC: ig00097000
Holding Institution:
The British Library
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