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identifying provenance evidence

Seeking Leonard Thomas, a Colard Mansion reader
I am looking for all known occurrences of this signature in books, probably from the Bruges area (manuscripts or incunables), dating c. 1450-1500. Can anyone help? Click on the icon to load the image.
2017-09-04 (last changed: 2017-09-04 ) by LivRobinson
This distinctive ownership mark appears in four short texts printed by Colard Mansion in Bruges in the 1470s (Le Quadrilogue invectif, in the copy now in the public library in Bruges; 'Le Débat entre trois chevaleureux princes', 'L'Art de bien mourir' and 'Les Adevineaux amoureux', copies now in the BnF). I am seeking any other occurrences of it that anyone might have come across. This image shows the reader's most extensive ex libris that I know of: the other three texts which feature his name just have the word 'Thomas', but written out exactly as it is here. In relation to this image, I would also like to ask if anyone has any ideas as to what the word (?) which is found directly opposite 'Thomas' on the other side of the looping penwork decoration reads, or what this sign might signify (if anything).
Bibliographic Details:
This image from:
Bibliothèque nationale de France, département Réserve des livres rares, D-862 (5), ex libris on back flyleaf.
Holding Institution:
Bibliothèque nationale de France
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