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identifying provenance evidence

Chichester Concert 1783 bookplate
We have recently acquired several volumes of music(instrumental parts)with this bookplate, and are trying to find out about the Chichester Concert from this period to establish provenance information.
2017-09-29 (last changed: 2017-09-29 ) by Katharine Hogg
Bookplate pasted inside several volumes of instrumental parts for Handel's overtures. A matching volume in our collection has a paper label with 'M' on it pasted on the outside of the front marbled board. Details of the volume already in the collection (which has a matching binding to some of those we have just acquired) are below. We are aware of the Chichester Concert from 1786 from the John Marsh journals, but are looking for earlier details, and why specifically 1783 is the date on these bookplates/labels.
Bibliographic Details:
Handel's overtures from all his operas & oratorios for violins &c. in 8 parts. London: Walsh [ca.1750]
RISM numbers A/I/9 H1273 and A/I/9 H1285 (composite volume of parts from more than one issue)
Holding Institution:
Gerald Coke Handel Collection, The Foundling Museum
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