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identifying provenance evidence

18th century Italian armorial, probably Roman,

I am attempting to identify the armorial on a cover, as detailed below.
2018-02-03 (last changed: 2018-02-03 ) by Ghollis
The 12mo floral calf binding depicts a crown. Below is a structure with four columns that may represent a temple facade, below that are five stars. The 1720 text "Amore e Maesta" is an opera that is dedicated, interestingly enough, to James III (the Old Pretender), but I cannot believe the armorial is English.

The 5 stars indicate that the book was owned by Jose Maria Fonseca, 1690-1752, minister general of the OFM, who founded or greatly built up the Bibl. Aracelitana in Rome. (Thanks for help with this to M.D)
Bibliographic Details:
Amore e Maesta, Drama per Musica. da Rappresentarsi Nella Sala Dell'illmo Sig. Conte D'alibert Nel Carnevale Dell'anno 1720
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