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identifying provenance evidence

Thomas Wyatt, W.S. White?
Who might Thomas Wyatt — who appears to have calligraphed his crest — be? Who is W.S. White?
2018-04-30 (last changed: 2018-04-30 ) by jlrosenb
There are several marks of ownership of these two, some erased, some partly erased. The attached photograph is the clearest indication of both.
Bibliographic Details:
These appear on the upper part of the half-title-page of the first volume of: Paley, William. *The Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy.* Two volumes. London: Printed by J. Davis for R. Faulder, 1790. The seventh edition, corrected. The second volume also has a stamp on its front binder's blank of "BRIGHTWELL", presumably a municipal library of one of the places in Oxfordshire or Suffolk with that name. The names are somewhat generic; ODNB gives Thos. Wyatt (1795-1859), a painter and photographer whose dates line up for the volumes. I should think, though, that with such care given to the ownership signature, these aren't the only books thus signed.
Holding Institution:
Pryor-Johnson Rare Books
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