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identifying provenance evidence

Unidentified Provenance Evidences (337 queries)
Identification of this owner.
asked by John Lancaster (2009-11-14)
Is this the book stamp of a European (ducal?) library?
asked by John Lancaster (2009-11-14)
Dr Dennis Rhodes has published an article in which he has traced over 30 books which once belonged to the Windhaag library. He would like to hear of further examples of survivals from this important library.
asked by davidshaw (2010-01-06)
Please notify any further books surviving from the library of Barnard Hampton.
asked by davidshaw (2010-01-06)
Is this the ownership inscription of the poet Richard Barnfield (1574-1620)?
asked by Anthony Tedeschi (2010-01-06)
Whose mark of ownership is this?
asked by Anthony Tedeschi (2010-01-06)
To whom does this book label belong?
asked by Anthony Tedeschi (2010-01-07)
Can anyone identify this bookplate?
asked by FarleyKatz (2010-01-08)
Can anyone identify these arms and merchant's marks?
asked by cdcook (2010-01-29)
Whose arms are these?
asked by Martin Davies (2010-02-01)
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