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identifying provenance evidence

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Can anyone identify? Cheers!
asked by AnnieR (2018-04-18)
Does anyone recognise this monogram, in an early nineteenth-century book?
asked by Nazard (2018-04-06)
Do you recognise this mark please?
asked by EMiller (2018-04-01)
Who was Combury, and what are the other two words?
asked by John Lancaster (2018-03-12)
Whose bookplate is this?
asked by John Lancaster (2018-03-07)
Who was FJW ?
asked by TheBookplateSociety (2018-02-16)
Please put a name to KP, owner of this French/Belgian exlibris
asked by TheBookplateSociety (2018-02-16)
Who can recognise this and identify ownership?
asked by TheBookplateSociety (2018-02-16)
I am attempting to identify the armorial on a cover, as detailed below.
asked by Ghollis (2018-02-03)
Can anybody help to identify the book plate?
asked by TOsosinski (2018-01-23)
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