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identifying provenance evidence

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I wondered if anyone might be able to identify these arms, gilt-tooled onto the front and rear covers of "Memoires de Henri-Charles de la Tremoille, Prince de Tarente," Liege: 1767. Many thanks for any help or ideas. Ardwight Chamberlain Ann Arbor, MI USA
asked by ardchamber (2017-07-05)
Seeking information on the identity of this stamp
asked by mconstantinou (2017-06-12)
This monogram stumped even Bernard Breslauer, we seek any and all assistance. It spells out R E X T O N Y in some order.
asked by yhill93 (2017-05-23)
Is anyone able to identify this inscription?
asked by Federica.Fabbri (2017-05-18)
On the spine of a 1660 edition of Ogilby's Homer's Iliads. No other provenance markings. Anyone recognize?
asked by donaldheald (2017-04-21)
Monogram under a coronet on the spine of Ogilby 1669 edition of Homer's Odyssey. Can anyone identify?
asked by donaldheald (2017-04-21)
Can anyone identify these arms? They have a crosier so I assume they belong to a bishop.
asked by FarleyKatz (2017-03-29)
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