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identifying provenance evidence

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Identification of dealer or other bookman, probably Italian, whose handwriting appears in a Rome incunable ca 1490 remboîté in 19th-century Italian vellum gilt.
We are having trouble deciphering and identifying this stamp. Have you seen anything similar?
asked by JMcQuillen (2017-02-13)
Whose stamp is this? It should be a member of the royal family ruling in Naples between XVIII and XIX century (Bourbon or Murat)
asked by lavderosa (2017-02-13)
Can anyone identify this stamp binding?
asked by Memory (2017-01-28)
Whose arms are these?
asked by John Lancaster (2017-01-22)
I am having trouble deciphering this squiggle. It is black ink, possibly ballpoint pen. Guesses include: Z W St. Aldingham or Aldephons, [19]45.
asked by JMcQuillen (2017-01-06)
Does anybody recognise these initials of E. N. N.?
asked by jraburke (2016-12-26)
Hello! I'm looking for help to identify a 16th cent. calf binding with blind-stamped coat of arms of a bishop in the centre of boards: paly of six in a shield, surmounted by a mitre, between the letters "M. H", with the date 1555 above and motto "Cum Moderamine" below. The book was printed in Basel in 1555 and it is currently in the collections of a library in England.
asked by Adicel (2016-12-16)
Can anyone help with this inscription? I can read only: … sancti Pauli … Catalogo … 1748 [?] Is anyone able to identify this monastery?
asked by Fridericus (2016-11-13)
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