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identifying provenance evidence

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Who is this binder?
asked by John Lancaster (2017-11-10)
Could anyone help identify the coat of arms of an ex libris on the front pastedown of an incunable?
asked by lsavel (2017-11-03)
Can anyone help me in recognizing a coat of arms painted in an incunable (The Hague, KB, 169 D 14, fol. a2 r)? Thank you in advance for your help.
asked by Endimione (2017-10-18)
Can anyone identify this stamp on the title-page of a XVIth-century Italian book?
asked by Federica.Fabbri (2017-10-18)
Can someone identify these arms?
asked by Federica.Fabbri (2017-10-18)
Do you have a name for CLB, the late 18thC owner of this bookplate?
asked by TheBookplateSociety (2017-10-05)
Can anyone help to identify this mark please?
asked by Kolpinski (2017-09-29)
We have recently acquired several volumes of music(instrumental parts)with this bookplate, and are trying to find out about the Chichester Concert from this period to establish provenance information.
asked by Katharine Hogg (2017-09-29)
Can anyone help me identify this shelfmark "E3341", written in black ink, probably 18th or early 19th century, on the margin of an Anglo-Saxon leaf, originally recovered from binding?
asked by Incunabula (2017-09-26)
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