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identifying provenance evidence

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Seeking to identify a German binder of considerable technical abilities who signed two very distinctive panel stamps "F.G." (actually: "F.G" where the "G" is BACKWARDS)
asked by bibliograph (2017-03-02)
These arms have so far resisted identification. Your assistance is requested. Thanks so much in advance!
asked by bibliograph (2015-12-28)
Seeking the identification of this individual; at least 5 bindings with the same armorial device and monogram are known, all dated between 1627 and 1659
identified by Ulrich Seelbach (2013-08-09)
Seeking help in identifying the English crowned monogram "R R" (or "R A R") which appears on the binding depicted in Maggs Catalogue 1212 item 54
identified by Michael Laird (2013-05-24)
We would be most grateful for any assistance identifying the present monogram -- please feel free to forward. Many thanks in advance.
asked by bibliograph (2012-06-27)
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