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identifying provenance evidence

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Who might Thomas Wyatt — who appears to have calligraphed his crest — be? Who is W.S. White?
asked by jlrosenb, 2018-04-30
These arms have so far resisted identification. Your assistance is requested. Thanks so much in advance!
asked by bibliograph, 2018-04-25
Help wanted to complete the transcription of this ownership mark: "Ex libris Fran[cis]ci..."
asked by sgarhz, 2018-04-22
Can anyone identify? Cheers!
asked by AnnieR, 2018-04-18
Does anyone recognise this monogram, in an early nineteenth-century book?
asked by Nazard, 2018-04-06
Recently Solved Queries
I wonder if anyone out there might be able to identify these arms on the front and rear covers of a contemporaneously(?) calf-bound edition of "Memoires de messire Philippe de Comines," Paris: 1649. Unfortunately, there are no internal indications of provenance, the endpapers having been renewed. (The photo link works if you click on it.) Many thanks.
identified by Tobias Abeloff (via ex-libris list), 2017-06-20
Does anyone recognise this armorial stamp?
identified by Philip Oldfield, 2017-04-12
Who has seen this book-plate and can identify its owner?
identified by , 2017-03-18
Whose coat of arms is this?
identified by Creussner, 2017-03-14
Does anyone know to whom this stamp belongs? I believe it is an initial G (or 2 intertwined Cs).
identified by Creussner, 2017-02-13
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