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identifying provenance evidence

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Is this the signature of the English jurist (b. 1653)? Are the numbers following the price? At lower right, is the date 3 August 1713?
asked by John Lancaster, 2017-03-06
Seeking to identify a German binder of considerable technical abilities who signed two very distinctive panel stamps "F.G." (actually: "F.G" where the "G" is BACKWARDS)
asked by bibliograph, 2017-03-02
Identification of dealer or other bookman, probably Italian, whose handwriting appears in a Rome incunable ca 1490 remboîté in 19th-century Italian vellum gilt.
Can anyone identify these arms?
asked by cdcook, 2017-02-13
We are having trouble deciphering and identifying this stamp. Have you seen anything similar?
asked by JMcQuillen, 2017-02-13
Recently Solved Queries
Who has seen this book-plate and can identify its owner?
identified by , 2017-03-18
Whose coat of arms is this?
identified by Creussner, 2017-03-14
Does anyone know to whom this stamp belongs? I believe it is an initial G (or 2 intertwined Cs).
identified by Creussner, 2017-02-13
Whose stamp is this?
identified by Creussner, 2016-12-12
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