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identifying provenance evidence

Most Recent Queries
Can anyone help with the surname in this inscription?
asked by amcainsh, 2015-07-22
Can anyone confirm or correct this attribution?
asked by PJKidd, 2015-07-21
Has anyone seen this bookplate?
asked by any66499, 2015-07-17
Can anyone identify the owner of this bookplate based on Caxton's printer's mark?
asked by JMcQuillen, 2015-07-17
This is an inscription which has been scratched out but some letters can still be made out.
asked by rsatterley, 2015-07-13
Recently Solved Queries
Sheen Anglorum (Monastery)
identified by Otto Vervaart , 2015-07-17
Can anyone help identifying this russian bookplate?
identified by Nazard, 2015-03-06
Can you identify the surname in this inscription?
identified by Klaus Graf, 2015-02-26
Identification sought.
identified by John Bidwell, 2014-12-31
Does anyone recognise this owner's mark?
identified by Proveniensarkæolog, 2014-12-16
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