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identifying provenance evidence

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At least several books in the Arsenal library (Paris) have that printed ex-libris pasted on their inside cover.
asked by LouisG, 2015-11-26
Can anyone identify this ink stamp?
asked by davidjmurphy, 2015-11-24
Can anyone help me read the 2nd line of this?
asked by PJKidd, 2015-09-22
Identification of arms sought.
asked by John Lancaster, 2015-09-20
Can anyone identify these arms?
asked by FarleyKatz, 2015-09-18
Recently Solved Queries
Could you help me read the second inscription ? I'm not even sure it's about a provenance.
identified by FarleyKatz and Otto Vervaart, 2015-11-26
Whose arms are these?
identified by The Bookplate Society, 2015-11-19
Does anyone know whose stamp this is?
identified by Creussner, 2015-11-12
Two provenance marks to read, should be French, probably around Paris.
identified by galipote, 2015-11-02
Identity of the owner sought.
identified by , 2015-10-14
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