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identifying provenance evidence

Most Recent Queries
Does anyone know who this Mrs. Challenger, presumably a bookseller or a music seller, might be?
asked by any66499, 2014-07-24
Decipher the name and identify the person
asked by any66499, 2014-07-22
Can any one decipher the three inscriptions on this title page? One at the top of the page (above the word Hortus; The other one written across the printer's device (woodcut illustration); One at the bottom of the page (below M.D.XXXIII).
asked by any66499, 2014-07-18
Can anyone identify this Italian (?) engraving or (?)bookplate
asked by FarleyKatz, 2014-07-12
Recently Solved Queries
Does anyone know this mark?
identified by pamvanholthe, 2014-07-22
Can you help reading this ex-libris ?
identified by Martin Davies and galipote, 2014-06-02
I can't quite make out the name.
identified by David Shaw and Nicholas Rogers, 2014-02-13
Identification help?
identified by DavidShaw, 2013-12-24
Title page has an unusual dedication on it: Pour mons.r viete Albohalbumasariste A paris, mense sept. 1568.
identified by davidshaw, 2013-12-24
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