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identifying provenance evidence

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Who was he, where and when? A Flemish priest?
asked by Nynke Leistra, 2016-02-02
Can you identify these initials?
asked by Proveniensarkæolog, 2016-01-18
What does Antiq. mean, when preceding an owner's or donor's name?
asked by James Blake, 2016-01-01
These arms have so far resisted identification. Your assistance is requested. Thanks so much in advance!
asked by bibliograph, 2015-12-28
Can you identify this library? Is it a predecessor of the London Library?
asked by davidshaw, 2015-12-23
Recently Solved Queries
Can anyone help me read the 2nd line of this?
identified by Martin Davies, 2016-01-17
Is this stamp the binder's monogram?
identified by Michael Laird, 2015-12-28
What is source of this bookplate. Who is CR?
identified by TheBookplateSociety, 2015-12-18
Can anyone identify these arms?
identified by Creussner, 2015-12-08
I am having trouble producing a full transcription of this 16th-c. inscription. Any help would be much appreciated.
identified by , 2015-12-08
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