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identifying provenance evidence

Most Recent Queries
Can anyone help identify who bound this book and for whom it was bound?
asked by williamokeefe, 2016-09-26
Can anyone identify the owner of this stamp?
asked by William&Mary, 2016-08-08
Can anyone identify this stamp on the title-page of a XVIth-century Italian book?
asked by Federica.Fabbri, 2016-08-05
Can anyone help with the surname in this inscription?
asked by amcainsh, 2016-07-21
I see "Francesco L. a manson[?] miaquanto maschina[?]" Can anyone do better? What do you make of this?
asked by sheola, 2016-06-20
Recently Solved Queries
I would need help to identify the first owner of this book: L.T. (?) van Starckenborg.
identified by David Shaw, 2016-09-20
I would need help to identify the first owner of this book
identified by FarleyKatz, 2016-08-25
Is anyone able to identify this inscription, found on the final leaf of John Woodall's "The Surgeons Mate" (1639)?
identified by TomCar, 2016-08-23
Can someone identify these arms?
identified by galipote, 2016-08-13
Is anyone able to identify this inscription (1757)?
identified by FarleyKatz, 2016-08-13
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