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identifying provenance evidence

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I have a Josiah Wedgwood book label with the name only but cannot find out if this is the father (1730-1795) or the son (1769-1843)
asked by crab4534, 2016-05-24
Can anyone identify the library or collection for this ms shelfmark?
asked by sheola, 2016-05-20
There are two inscriptions on this page, only one of which I am able to read.
asked by rsatterley, 2016-05-10
The name once in place at the foot of this bookpile bookplate has been largely scratched out, with loss of paper. Somewhere, surely, there must be another print extant with the name intact.
asked by TheBookplateSociety, 2016-05-06
Recently Solved Queries
Whose arms are these?
identified by The Bookplate Society, 2016-05-12
I was trying to identify the bookplate shown in the image above which appears in another work also held at the British Library. As there were two Frederick Norths, both Earls of Guilford, and I had only ever seen the bookplate with the medal as being attributed to the younger North, I wasn't sure which North it belonged to.
identified by Stephanie , 2016-03-25
Can anyone identify the owner of this crest?
identified by PJMM, 2016-03-06
Does anyone know which Mr. William Hamilton this bookplate belongs to?
identified by John Lancaster, 2016-03-06
Seeking the identity of this bookplate owner.
identified by DavidShaw, 2016-03-06
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