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identifying provenance evidence

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Trying to identify this binding emblem. The motto appears certainly to be from the Order of the Garter (Honi Sott Qui Maly Pense). But I haven't been able to identify other instances in which the garter is crowned with the papal mitre (apologies for poor terminology or mis-identification).
asked by tonsure, 2014-04-03
Can you help reading this mention ?
asked by LouisG, 2014-04-02
Seeking help in identifying this crest.
asked by Piotrowski, 2014-03-21
Can you help identify these initials?
asked by Proveniensarkæolog, 2014-03-20
Does anyone recognise this stamp reading 'Vertrag vom 13 Mai 1846'?
asked by Anna, 2014-03-12
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Can you help reading this ex-libris ?
identified by , 2014-04-01
I can't quite make out the name.
identified by David Shaw and Nicholas Rogers, 2014-02-13
Identification help?
identified by DavidShaw, 2013-12-24
Title page has an unusual dedication on it: Pour mons.r viete Albohalbumasariste A paris, mense sept. 1568.
identified by davidshaw, 2013-12-24
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