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identifying provenance evidence

Most Recent Queries
Help wanted to complete the transcription of this signature and to identify an apparent Hungarian Franciscan (early-to-mid 16th-century).
asked by davidshaw, 2014-10-09
Can you help me to identify this ecclesiastic ownner ?
asked by Mark, 2014-09-24
Does anyone recognize this lovely signature? Is the name possibly (it doesn't seem possible) Richard lover?
asked by rsatterley, 2014-09-02
Identity of this owner sought.
asked by John Lancaster, 2014-08-25
Can anyone identify this ink stamp?
asked by BPL rare books, 2014-08-15
Recently Solved Queries
A book label, possibly late 19th-early 20th century, found on volumes of 'Prodolzhenīe drevneĭ rossīĭskoĭ vivlīoḟiki' printed in 1786-1801.
identified by Dr Eugenij Sokolinsky, 2014-08-25
Can anyone recognize the bookplate and identify whether it is another provenance marking for the Biblioteca Galletti, or if it is one used by another library or collector?
identified by Farley Katz, 2014-08-25
Can any one decipher the three inscriptions on this title page? One at the top of the page (above the word Hortus; The other one written across the printer's device (woodcut illustration); One at the bottom of the page (below M.D.XXXIII).
identified by David Shaw and any66499, 2014-08-25
Decipher the name and identify the person
identified by Richard Sipek , 2014-07-26
Does anyone know this mark?
identified by pamvanholthe, 2014-07-22
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